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What Is Torchon lace

most of torchon lace is made in cotton lace.

Lace History (3)

The precise timing of the transition to bobbin lace is not known.

Lace history (2)

The precious threads were kept from tangling and knotting by winding them on weights which were made of lead, bone or wood. It doesn't require a great leap of imagination to see how these evolved to b..

Lace history (1)

Lace was more than just a sumptuous and highly coveted luxury, affordable by only the privileged and well-born.

Lace classification and process

lace classification and process.

Five application of lace

Lace is mainly used for interior decoration and garments

Solubility Lace

Solubiltiy lace also called Water-soluble lace / water soluble embroidery

Lace classify and specialty

Generally special, there are six kinds of laces and they have their own specialty.

Embroidery Lace

Embroidery lace was gradually developed in a long historical period arts and crafts from around the world.

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