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Lace classification and process

First, the classification of lace Although the history of lace production later in Europe, but the development of fast, forming a larger scale of production. Lace said in ancient China as the "Tao Zi", "group training", "flower sash", "sub-network." The late Qing Dynasty, France, Italy, lace through the hands of missionaries into China along the coast of Yantai, Changshu, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Shantou and other places, so that our civil lace making major changes have taken place, resulting in a number of brand-name products. Raw materials commonly used in silk lace, cotton velvet, viscose rayon, nylon yarn, polyester yarn and metallic yarn and so on. Lace into weaving, knitting (knitting), embroidery and textile four categories. Hand-knitted or embroidered lace mesh fabric is also within the scope. Lace can be divided into: knitting lace, water soluble lace (lace embroidery), tricot lace, woven lace. We are now in general use are woven lace lace. Second, the lace of the production process Lace sewn on the garment usually have to fight every process, overlapping joints, layers sewing, sewing broken off, broken off pressure seam, sew and so on. Usually more than a light side lace knitting the whole, but sometimes by entire weaving, cutting the need for local use. Cotton lace cuffs usually summer clothing, hem, skirt, clothing the body, neck and other parts, before the first lace in the use of pre-shrinking treatment, the general stack seam, sewing layers, broken off pressure joints. Woven silk yarn silk lace Materials For a multi, sewing machine needles when you use the 9 #, can not pull split, usually in the hem of comparative multi-Bu Wei, the general layers sewn, hand-stitched. Nylon stretch lace is nylon filament yarn and nylon as raw material shrinkage is relatively large, before the first lace in the use of pre-shrinking treatment. Usually every fight, overlapping joints, layers sewing, sewing broken off, broken off pressure seam, sew, and sometimes used as elastic. Typically used for summer clothing sleeves, hem, skirt, clothing and body, neck and other parts. The use of lace and cotton lace about the same. Sequin lace in the dress, small pieces of clothing on the use of more, every fight, folding joints, layers sewn, hand-stitched the process is relatively common, such as lace set the beads, sequins and other patterns, in the sewing should not use layers when sewing, sewing broken off, broken off pressure seam treatment. Marks on clothing and lace trimming with a prominent effect of wearing flesh-colored no trace of fashion, so that ordinary color fabric show amazing luxury, adding silk, lace, then played a diamond dotting effect. Silk skin-friendly so that the wearer comfort, while a variety of decorative techniques become more sophisticated products to lingerie. Various white handkerchief cloth, cotton water melt lace, matt lace, velvet lace subsidies, white mesh, georgette clever combination of fabric through the design with different textures and lace supplement process, clear the performance of the craft with the detailed characteristics of style. Transparent end network embroidery lace, cotton embroidery lace color, rich and gaudy colors of the resulting three-dimensional woven cotton Motif, highlighting the use of a variety of mesh plane and three-dimensional contrast. Flashbang force matt fabric and elastic fabric used in the design of the interludes, not only material comfort, breathability and give full play, will be designed by comparing the full realization of fabric decorative effect. In the fashion arena, the use of bohemian style of lace is: layer upon layer of lace, bare shoulders loose collarless shirt printing large flowers, handmade lace and string knot, leather tassels, and confused bead decoration, there are waves recklessly; the use of color is to use hit-color to be effective, such as sapphire blue and gold brown, gray and pink in the ... ... disproportionate; cut with Gothic-style complex, focusing on the neckline and waist design. Not only in the T station, bohemian style in recent years by the public is generally accepted, such as the girls waist belt fringed long, hollow body or knitted fabric hand-painted chiffon, strapless blouses and layers Layer upon layer of folds dress. Today, the lace pattern art as human material and spiritual life of the bonds linking one of the practical and aesthetic in a melting furnace, to serve practical art, but also in the new era will bear rich fruits.
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