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Lace classify and specialty

• Generally speaking, there are six kinds of laces. They all have their own specialty 1. Cotton knit lace (torchon lace) Cotton lace pattern clear as clean, convenient pattern transformation, production volume without too many restrictions, so the clothing in a wide range of applications. Most of the early hand-made cotton lace products, such as shuttle lace, lace, and other wooden club. Here we are referring to is the use of cotton knit lace knitting machine woven cotton lace disc types. Cotton lace for a comparison of clear understanding, we briefly outline the two hand-woven lace. Barracuda is a kind of lace knitting as a tool shuttle lace. Also known as the lattice lace. Popular in 15th century Europe, especially Britain, France, Germany, the most famous. Shuttle lace weaving process is: first line of the ball into the use made of bone or metal shuttle shuttle cavity; and from the shuttle to the top outlet hole in the lira head, left hand thumb and index finger forcefully pinch thread, right hand shuttle control, by wearing a lead, lap guitar, padlocks and other techniques, can be compiled to form various patterns of lace. Wooden club lace (bobbin lace) Small wooden clappers to the winding tool, thread, twine and other hand-woven lace. Also known as the winding tube lace. Wooden club was originally a European tradition of handmade lace, lace. It is developed from the knitting process. Wooden club lace making, the following procedures: ① the disc-shaped lace straw placed on the drawings. ② Do not needle puncture the metal in all parts of the pattern to a fixed location and direction of knitting. ③ in about 10cm, about 10mm in diameter wrapped around a small wooden club to the top of cotton, the thread out, fixed in certain parts of the drawings. The number of wooden club according to the product specifications and design may be, at least more than 10, as many as 100. ④ holding a small wooden club, according to pattern shapes to pin as a fulcrum; will cotton to twist, tangle, woven into lace. Different patterns to use different weaving techniques. Number of artists to a finger mallet, rolling it around, jumping up and down, step by step, constantly changing positions, which weave a variety of patterns. Weaving techniques are weaving, weaving across, thin texture, tight weave and so on. ⑤ pulling pins, remove the lace from the straw, after ironing, it becomes single lace. China is commonly referred to in the wooden club lace cotton lace developed on the basis of a mechanical lace. Cotton weaving machines known as disk drive, the main specifications are 64, 96 and 128 in three models. Disc machine works is to take the peg knitting, it is the main raw material of cotton, of course, this machine can weave some of the other fiber varieties of lace. 2. Crochet Lace Crochet lace We used crochet machine (crochet machine) is called the production of lace crochet lace, this machine used to knit lace, tassel belt, cord, etc. Narrow warp knitted fabric. Fringed by a colorful feathers drooping or ears made of silk, etc., commonly used in stage costumes, etc. hem skirt. 3. Tricot lace tricot lace Warp knitting lace made by the knitting machine, which is an important category of knitted lace. With 33.3-77.8dtex (30-70 denier) nylon yarn, polyester yarn, viscose rayon as raw material, commonly known as the warp of nylon lace. The production process is the use of tongue acupuncture meridian into the ring, took control of yarn guide bar warp knitting patterns, open bar after setting processing Serve lace. Organizations generally use the hexagonal end of the eye, single pieces of knitting. Gray cloth, bleached, shaped after the points, points of the width of 10mm or more in general. Can also be dyed into a variety of color of the plaid, lace pattern is no pattern. The texture of lace is characterized by sparse, thin, transparent mesh, soft color, but more easily washed deformation. Mainly used for clothing, hats, tablecloths, etc. edging. The main raw material components of lace nylon (nylon), polyurethane elastic fiber according to whether there are warp-free stretch lace elastic lace and warp the points. Meanwhile, to add some nylon rayon after processing through the staining (double staining) can be lace multi-color effect. 4. Embroidery lace embroidery lace Embroidery or embroidery. It is a long historical period arts and crafts from around the world gradually developed, embroidery lace embroidery lace and embroidery can be divided into two types of lace, embroidery lace, embroidery lace is developed on the basis of large-scale production lace varieties. In various ethnic groups have very unique patterns of color and pattern. China's embroidery art has a long history of traditional crafts in the nation occupies an important position. Embroidery lace is a traditional manual process, low production efficiency, embroidery patterns inequality often easy to produce, will be uneven between embroidery. However, the pattern is too complex, color more, long lace flowers are back none other than non-manual, and embroidery lace, embroidery is more rich than the three-dimensional. In China, the embroidery has a long history of technology, in addition to well-known of the four famous embroidery Suzhou embroidery, Hunan embroidery, Sichuan embroidery and Guangdong embroidery, there embroidery Han, Lu embroidery, hair embroidery, needlepoint, embroidery Qin, Li embroidery, embroidered Shen, and ethnic embroidery and other skills excellence. About embroidery in a later chapter we will introduce here is primarily concerned with embroidered lace. Automatic embroidery machine embroidery embroidered lace, jacquard mechanism that is under the control of access strip on the fabric patterns, high production efficiency. Various raw materials can be used as embroidery fabric fabric, but mostly thin fabric, especially cotton and rayon fabrics the best. Small and large embroidery machine embroidery types, and the most common large machine embroidery. Embroidery lace embroidery large effective length of 13.7 meters (15 yards), 13.5-meter-long embroidered fabrics, embroidered pieces can be made or cut lace full article. According to different requirements for different end of cloth embroidery, lace to create different types, such as water soluble lace, mesh lace, cotton lace, cotton lace and tulle strips all kinds of lace and so on. Patterns can be adjusted as needed. 2bw.Megx? Is soluble lace embroidery lace embroidery in a large class, it was the end of water-soluble non-woven cloth, viscose filament yarn used for embroidery, computer embroidery machine through the rust on the bottom cloth, and then by heat Water soluble non-woven base fabric to melt, leaving a three-dimensional lace. It can use requirements and the special shape bar made of flowers, which are widely used in clothing collar and decorative bra. Automatic embroidery machine with multiple colors color changing color selection device can be monochrome embroidery can also be multi-color embroidery. Generally spend up to 650 mm back, lace width of 10 mm or more, after the plane after the final section dealing with open top. Many flower embroidery lace, embroidered delicate in appearance, even uniform, vivid and full of artistic sense and dimension. At present, China's embroidery origin mainly concentrated in Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiang Xiao Shao area. Embroidery production of high efficiency, low cost, has been promoting the use of most manufacturers. After a long period of development, more and more types of embroidered lace, with special embroidery lace, cotton lace, lace, cording embroidery, striped embroidery lace, water soluble embroidery, lace embroidery, printing, stencil printing embroidery lace, embroidery lace hollow, Caixiu lace, honeysuckle edge, section stained embroidery lace, embroidery lace tie-dye, applique embroidery, lace, embroidery lace trim, beaded lace, and other types. 5. Handmade handcrafted Crochet lace crochet lace We usually say "crochet", "crochet" or "crochet" in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and other places is called "CROCHET". In the Netherlands it is called "haken", in Denmark called "haekling", in Norway called "hekling", in Sweden called "virkning". They are hand-woven products. We know, knitting, embroidery and weaving through archaeological discoveries, written records and performances of all kinds of paintings dating back to its origins and development. But no one ever really sure the exact origin of crochet. According to the American crochet expert and world traveler Annie Potter research: the contemporary art of crochet originated in the 16th century. Operation early this technology are: First, a piece of the fabric taut in a frame, holding the line below the fabric, a needle with a hook down into the following line with the fabric pulled fabric top, and thus form a loop of wire, when the line rings are still on the hook when the hook a little moved in front of the insertion position to repeat the pull operation, making this line the first line of rings and ring sets together to form a chain stitch. tambour crochet as thin as sewing needles, so need to use a very good line. 18th century, tambour evolved further crochet techniques, he removed the fabric, knitting line directly, which is when the French were called "crochet in the air." Crochet in the early 1800s in Europe to promote the spread of Mlle. Danish writer / researcher Lis Paludan, crochet her the origin of the European summary of the three interesting results: ① Crochet originated in Arabia, then spread eastward to China, Tibet, and westward to Spain, along with the Arab trade routes and spread to other Mediterranean countries. ② The earliest signs of crochet came from South America, a primitive race, said it is used for youthful memories ceremony decorations. ③ crochet in China is the first application of three-dimensional doll. Crochet lace tool is very simple, just a thin metal wire with a hook, crochet product is a special organization knit coil, it has a "dew, spring, dense, soft and flexible" in the artistic style, the product organization structure of arbitrary strong, can achieve any results and specifications, is not replaced by any mechanical products, a special artistic handicrafts. Crochet products, "open" refers to the organizational structure of its artistic effect with the hollow, the body can better clothing and decorative objects with blending together to form a mutual background in special effects. Can be said that any form of flexible fiber fabrics are unmatched. Crochet products, "bomb" means we can make through different crochet stitch, making it particularly flexible form, this elastic effect can be better expose the beauty of the human body, to the effectiveness of comfort; crochet products " secret "refers to its compact structure, we can crochet needle through the corresponding law, to make products with compact style, the formation of products in the same density and white effect. Crochet products, "soft" refers to its flexible features, you can say it is the most flexible fiber fabric products with flexible features, it is with today's fast-paced era of the formation of a strong contrast, so that people can better exposure to leisure environment. Crochet products, "living" refers to the flexibility of its organizational structure, a small crochet hook, through our skillful hands, can create infinite mystery, we can do anything to achieve any decorative effect. In summary, a contemporary crochet any technology can not replace textile and clothing products in the form, which is Europe and Japan, consumers in developed countries has been the main reason for the favor of crochet products. Many kinds of crochet products, commonly used in clothing decorated with flowers, lace bar, collar and other clothing accessories; for the interior decoration of the wallpaper, bedding, mattress, etc.; in addition to crochet garments, crochet hook apparel and three-dimensional animal and plant ware. 6. Other Lace With the growing apparel products Individualized development of fashion design as an important component of the lace type of very many, here we simply list a number of species (1) hand flower embroidery on the basis of the dribbling, the auxiliary hand-woven (2) Ultrasonic lace, hot melt principle of using ultrasonic cutting, trimming, hole, hot stamped, welding, slitting, forming, heat treatment techniques such as thread hole, cut out the various strands of an empty flower-shaped hole, and make treatment of side melting (3), Tsai-piece lace, lace or ribbon on the various types of craft made with embroidered lace or lace (4), weft knitted lace, knitted lace, as a new category, weft knitted lace began to appear and get a certain application, most of weft knitted lace made by computer cross mechanism.
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