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Solubility Lace

Solubiltiy lace also called Water-soluble lace / water soluble embroidery: embroidery lace is in a category, it was the end of water-soluble non-woven cloth, viscose filament yarn used for embroidery thread, embroidery, machine embroidery very flat through the computer at the end of the cloth, and then by heat Water soluble non-woven base fabric to melt, leaving a three-dimensional lace. Many flower embroidery lace, embroidered delicate in appearance, even uniform, vivid and full of artistic sense and dimension. Water-soluble version and regular version of the biggest difference is that unlike an ordinary plate, as can "see both income", which have been on the machine after the completion of a "boiled" the process is set to play in this procedure makes the water-soluble version of Acupuncture treatment is different from the normal plate. Do not need a lot of water-soluble needle plate, which is used most of the most common "flat-pin" and "flat pack pin", almost less than as "tatami", "E word needle" like the needle . Soluble version of the play "Ping-pin," The importance is not made in, a soluble version of the flower depends on the success of most of you on the "plain stitch" used in proficiency.
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