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What Is Torchon lace

Torchon lace also is torchon bobbin lace. Now most of torchon lace is made in cotton lace. Meanwhile,most of people call torchon lace as cotton lace. Perhaps,some misunderstanding torchon lace. So give torchon lace a explanation. A bobbin, or pillow lace, torchon lace is made of twisting threads around one another and around pins placed to provide proper tension. It is a regular, geometric lace that fits loosely into the category of grounded laces. Loosely because, in most of the laces that fall into this category, the ground stitches are simple and are used to accentuate the heavily patterned areas. Torchon differs in this respect, often having less pattern area than ground stitch areas. The reason for this is that torchon lace has a great many traditional ground stitches that are highly decorative in their own right. So we know torchon lace is characterized by a edge in shape of fan. It's a continuous thread lace. Now it is widely used in garments like dressing, children garment, and so on. Lacego Lace is a Professional torchon lace factory in China. Welcome friends all over the world to visit our factory.
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