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Entertainment in the way of making money – Cross-Stitch

Entertainment in the way of making money – Cross-Stitch Today cross-stitch is not only a female friend of recreational activity, it is the pursuit of high profit businesses are commodities, which many women have found a way of making money. Recently, the reporter saw an Taobao "Romantic marriage / wedding gift OMT cross stitch pillow kit / product (a pair)", package prices and product prices vary considerably. Size: 45 × 45cm (9CT) package price is 66 yuan / pair, finished price is 238 yuan / pair, but also without pillow. Why is not finished and finished a big price difference? The owner told reporters that the "Genius and Beauty" are all made of hand-embroidered, embroidered earliest 10 days, 10 days to earn 100 dollars a hand fees, doing only 10 yuan a day, not too high. This reporter saw this shop, "Romantic" which sold in 30 days, a full 103, very prosperous business. Sell so many each day, how to have time to do it? The owner said, business is good, basically asked people to help, to an unfinished embroidered ask for help, or give points on the line manual costs. Riverside Street Sidiqi Wukang stitch in the shop, a 2.6 × 1.4m of "painting" hanging in the shop center, Yao manager told reporters that the painting was completed in three years embroidered, worth about 10-120000 or so. Yao manager also told reporters that one is not a finished product prices and the prices vary considerably, usually if the guests to be finished, she will be invited to help skilled workers, according to their working hours to pay wages costs. Ms. Yao, who lives in harmony district a few years ago to work in the company last year because of the financial turmoil, she was the company laid off. At a friend's introduction, she began to play a cross-stitch embroidery. Ms. Yao told reporters, is embroidered with the beginning of play, but later found not-finished and finished cross-stitch the price difference between the larger, later on when small businesses make up, parked in the cross-stitch embroidery shop after a good sale, the business also good. Ms. Yao's husband also told reporters that since the cross-stitch embroidery, the wife rarely went out to play, every night when he accompanied his son to study embroidery. In this way, urged the children to learn, still find entertainment in the way of making money
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