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reduce to export the amount of embroidery machine

Recently, this reporter from Zhuji Shaoxing Office was informed Customs officers, from January to August this year, the city significantly reduce to export the amount of embroidery lace machine, total exports of embroidery machine 9940 units, worth $ 87,470,000, respectively, compared with same period last year 47.6% and 49.2%, of which 7183 Taiwan exports to India, worth $ 57,620,000, reduced by 59.2% and 63.2%. According to customs statistics, from embroidery machine last April the city reached its highest monthly export 3327 units, the export volume for 9 consecutive months of decline, in April of this year, the exports may rebound, but the slow recovery, has not exceeded 2,000 mark . This year the city exported 1,720 units in August, down 14.9%. Analysis of the industry, before the August city embroidery machine export volume reduced sharply for two main reasons: First, the financial crisis, the Indian government to take its domestic apparel industry, a variety of preferential policies to support the development of the first half of last year, the city driving embroidery machine exports to India grew rapidly, leading to the high base last year; second is the Indian market this year, demand saturation, coupled with the economic downturn by Vietnam and Thailand, political instability and other factors, accounting for more than half of embroidery machine export share of Asian markets decline in demand, resulting in reduced exports embroidery machine in our city. Zhuji Shaoxing Customs Office have suggested that, Zhuji Embroidery machine industry to develop diversified market strategy, enterprises should "go out" to carry out after-sales service, views of users, to increase efforts to expand sales in emerging markets, and enhance industrial development potential. Should rely on existing embroidery machine industry, to extend the industrial development level, increase high-end embroidery machine textile machinery, including high value-added R & D investment, a breakthrough technology development of the industry bottlenecks
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