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Hazy lace: 2010 Winter underwear leading

Hollow, embroidery, romantic, dim, or the charm ... ... and many other luxury, or a low-key, or assertive words become the ultimate partner lace. Far away in the 16th century has been regarded as a symbol of wealth and luxury lace, the development has a low-key but sexy and elegant dim excellent choice. T Shenyou focus from the court to Taiwan, from the spring and summer to autumn and winter, there is no charm sexy lace border at all, hazy cover the entire fashion and every day and night. Winter is supposed to be a full knit, cashmere and fur the season, everyone knows, but quietly took lace lingerie fashion 2010 autumn and winter the main stage. All material: Carine Gilson, Elise Anderegg other brands in the 2010 autumn and winter we experience a completely dim lure of lace. 2010 autumn and winter in many big-name products, lace became the main material, or abstract patterns decorated with embroidery or flowers, or as fine as silk-like veins fine print ... ... the production, hazy charm, the charm will undoubtedly sexy underwear rose to the highest point. Fleur of England 2010 new autumn and winter Lace: lace, design in the underwear is more common design practices. From the 2010 release of new major brand fall and winter terms, lace is still a great design this season's highlights. Belles of the fine, such as whether hair lace fringes, or Elise Anderegg Smart lace hem like water, or LA CLOVER endless elegant flower Duolei Si ... ... will we thoroughly into the world of lace charm Lane. LA CLOVER 2010 new autumn and winter underwear Parcel: Fayreform, Fleur of England and other brands in the 2010 autumn and winter underwear, it seems the whole fabric lace underwear, lace malpractices were real clever embellishment package design. Cup, underwear and other key parts are still used as a coaster or base fabric base material, the outer wrapped with lace perfect, not only comfortable and healthy, and to enhance the degree of sexy underwear. Fayreform 2010 autumn and winter underwear White: Winter 2010 sexy underwear on the stage, lace and sometimes sharp publicity, sometimes low-key luxury, sometimes looming ... ... and white, this performance practices common in the stripes, stitching color, etc. Check and conventional design, but autumn and winter 2010 underwear quietly lace and other materials will approach the performance of white head. Ermanno Scervino appropriately use the added lace asymmetric tactics, or the right side of tulle lace underwear on the left, or shoulder silk lace skirt body; LA CLOVER the zebra pattern is reflected in the way of the white lace.
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