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Introduction of Xiang Embroidery designs

Embroidery has a long history of embroidery, fine complex. Its unique skills, all in line with the needle being applied. Physical facilities should be ancient embroidery needle artists of animals, flowers, trees and mountains and people of varying form and spirit, before and after the creation of a seventy-two kinds of needle: flat embroidered silk line tile surface, in 32 species; embroidery to the line intertwined and visible, composed by a certain pattern, in 15 species; net embroidered or drawn work by the end line made of mesh pattern, sub 11; twisted knotted embroidery from the line, but also a certain pattern, sub-8; knot embroidery the line formed from particles or circle, divided into 6 species. One of the main stitch embroidery as the needles are then mixed mixed needle, mixed with needles bend and dig mixed needle, mixed needle straight, horizontal mixed needle, mixed row of needles, hair pins, hidden needle, needles and so on several tours, and there complete and unique system of acupuncture. In addition to the performance of a variety of acupuncture, there are full of decorative beauty of knitting needles, needles and other embroidery types of network shared disk of gold, playing seeds and other needle. Here are some commonly used stitch embroidery: Flat needles: is gold and silver instead of silk thread embroidery. The method is to use gold or silver embroidery to the top line of tile in, and then a short needle thread, each pin assigned to one and a half away from one, according to the embroidered patterns and swing filled. There are two or three rows, there are many rows, the line to tie on flowers such as cross pattern, like the bar-pattern soles. Straight needle: fully embroidered with a vertical line into the body, pin ups and downs of the whole line at the edge, all in parallel alignment, while neat mouth. Color is a unit of a color line, did not color. Line where long pins plus the pin, and then evolved into a shop acupuncture needle carved out. Needle: started in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty. Needle plate: the performance of a needle is curved plate shape of the needle. Including cutting needles, pins, needle, needle rotation of four. Where the first cut needle, after the development of the rotary needle. Grab needles: also known as needle opposite direction, is short and straight pins along with the body's position, before the needle after needle, following a group of a group of up to grab the needle. This is a straight stitch needle development. Shi Pin: This pin Act requires sparse and not dense, and without discrimination, living without delay, rather than mixed together. Assisted needle: This needle is not an independent body of the needle embroidery, but in order to enhance the extent and shape of the embroidered scenes look of the vivid auxiliary used needle, in the final as this type of acupuncture has spread needle, needle , engraved scales, such as acupuncture. Shake and needle: also known as the length of the needle. This stitch is the length of the needle varied interoperability, and after the needle used to pin the middle of the sheep crowding out, while missing mouth, a color rolls of the strengths of simulation can be used to embroider Illustrated. Rao Embroidery: This is a phase around the needle, embroidery needle deduction form. Play seed, sub-zip, buckle embroidery, braids and feathers share needles, fall into this category. Code embroidery: it is a weave similar to the repair method. It includes the stamp yarn, RBI, Po velvet, net embroidery, clip Kam, cross peach, wool embroidery. These are suitable for embroidery stitch pattern pattern, so it can be called the "pattern embroidery." An embroidery frame in the ornaments and mounted with regard to the choice of composition and color with embroidery. Variant of embroidery: embroidery, some help of other tools, materials and process methods, so that changes in conventional embroidery special embroidery, embroidery is the variant, in which corn dyed embroidery, make art embroidery, embroidered by color, high-embroidered, Abstract satin and plush and so on.
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