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How far is it to 'Made by China'

How far is it to 'Made by Chin'? A nine-day China International Fashion Week Spring 2011 has ended. 37 designers from 40 domestic and international market of China Fashion Week show to decorate the bustling, whether such a fan Huasheng Jing is the real spring our local fashion insiders from the HIGH or the so-called false prosperity, to be verified the. In fact, the whole, not difficult to find the level of Chinese fashion designer has been greatly improved, both from the grasp of international trends, or the design itself, there are many dazzling performance. China Fashion Week in the past, we only see the eyes full of flamboyant, embroidered brocade. It seems our ancestors left behind in China's fashion is just a handful of iconic symbols, all designs are atrocious and the Chinese style hanging points to edge. This dice fresh as if to say, no matter what shape you or God, let alone the trend is to tell you that you are Chinese, you have to wear so, this is China's fashion, and trying to hold this so-called "culture" to open the door to the world's fashion industry, after several disastrous should not repent of this intention of imposing local consumers. Little do they know not only foreign devils do not buy, even after reading brothers, also laugh, bored dispersed. Yaokan neighbors Japan, almost all of the design of mainstream designers have long "to Japan" and even used the Pan-East Asian culture unique "Zen", but also of the tangible to intangible, the spirit than the form used to fight in the international fashion circles to place, a force not to be underestimated at the moment fashion. This should reflect on the domestic designers. "National is the world's" This sentence does not work in the field of fashion, no one is willing to dress up as blue and white porcelain Yihuo day Song paintings through the streets. Fortunately, China Fashion Week in the season, so the embarrassment was quietly subsided, only including the NE • TIGER, BOTAO-BO Tao, FENGFEI • Z-Zeng Feng Fei, including a small number of brands to Chinese elements, other design Teachers are the most primitive design to attract attention. Putting aside the good or bad, at least this change is reassuring. There is a change in order to have improved the way the Chinese fashion of light slowly lit up, groping forward is the future. Recognize their own shortcomings, they began to imitate his walk faster than the master. Plagiarism, imitation has become China Fashion Week, where he died has been the stubborn disease. Can be forgiven for the couple tentatively imitation and tribute, and that can only be interpreted as the so-called masters copied. Everywhere DIOR, CHANEL shadow, Alexander McQueen's "armadillo" high heels, Monroe picture, local designers copying each other, and even the wholesale market in Beijing Zoo traces of previous years, also appeared last season in the spring season looking for a Master China Fashion Week, T-stage. To do good design must have something to learn, but the design such a thing, or to better the original, the rest of the spit to eat other people, even if designers are not sick, spectators also will be nausea, JOHN GALLIANO not everyone to learn, and the zoo is not wholesale spring. Has never attacked a bit of local designers, as this will not let you "disappointed." The theme of "tire - Toys - Fashion" The conference definitely let Zhang Wei works has been known for avant-garde experiments of London Fashion Week to shame; field strip bath Ding Yong certainly attracted a lot of eye attention; enchanting strange and feared his best QI just have the models dress up as ghosts and monsters in general, put directly in the show on Halloween to before. With the spotlight following the conversation with the degree, but the fashion of the design still there? What is the real meaning of fashion? China Fashion Week in the spring and summer 2011, the number of men not much performance can almost be victory to praise. The first day of vacation will be relaxed CABBEEN carbene male, GIOIA PAN Pan Yiliang slightly re-style deconstruction of the simple, Beauty Berry Wang Yutao gorgeous elegant new aristocracy, are remarkable for the sincerity of. Regardless of style or technique of expression are more mature than the excitement of women, men have often been overlooked quite dark horse in this posture, are more impressed by the whole people, fashion is not on it? Do not rely on sensationalism, do not rely on a bit gimmicky, in good faith from the heart of good design can naturally applauded ratings. Vigorous, catch, China Fashion Week is not just a war. Most designers are doing in their own low-key efforts to be good things, also working in the world fashion stage, find their own place. If you can really stay away from it, from the natural thought, to restore fashions, the most fundamental sense, then, our fashion, the real "MADE BY CHINA" fashion is not far.
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