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The total output of cotton harvest up to 150 million tons this year

Business News Agency October 6 as the country's major commodity cotton base, cotton production accounts for about 40% of the country in 2010, the region continue to increase science and technology, to promote high technology, is expected to place 1,420 acres planted in cotton, the total output of up to 150 million tons, an increase over last year. Darcy's Village, Yuli Township, Bavaria Xingping large in cotton Li Shihua work these days is organizing the new cotton picking, he told reporters that his 1,000 acres of cotton fields, the past will more than 300 kilograms per mu. High standard this year, saving drip irrigation technology, not only saving water and fertilizer, effort, according to the current picking situation, per-mu yield can increase one or two hundred kilograms. Darcy Xingping Yuli Township, farmer Li: "I am the lowest yield per acre for drip irrigation to less than 400-500 kg 4000-5000 dollars an acre of land can receive." Li yield the same harvest as farmers may be a minority. This year, Changji acreage cotton picker machines accounted for 35.5% of the total sowing area reached 41.2 million mu, now, mechanized harvesting in full swing, picking pace accelerating. Manas County town of six farmers Zhou Lizhong Chen Qucun: "Machine cotton picker is a big benefit to me, machine cotton picker and save time, save labor, reduce costs and increase production." This year, the autonomous region invested more than 1000 million high yield of cotton, to promote the drip irrigation, soil testing and fertilizer, integrated pest prevention and control techniques, while training more than 100 million farmers of all ethnic groups to ensure that the cotton production efficiency of the section . Reporter learned from the regional agricultural sector, cotton varieties rate of more than 95% of cotton cultivation area of high-density 100% cotton with drip irrigation accounted for 35% of the total area planted, yield a good harvest for farmers laid the foundation. With the Tianshan Mountains cotton picking work in an orderly manner, the acquisition of companies around the pick cotton income, have all been settled in cash. With the cotton harvest, the cotton pressure will be better and solve some short of cotton lace and garment matter. Shaya County Township Road factory village farmers Gulebage Mamat Kadeer: "Yesterday sell 1 ton, sold 1 million dollars, today (October 3) and pull the two half tons of cotton, minus the cost of my 52 acres of cotton is estimated to sell over 60,000 dollars. " Autonomous regions and planting agriculture Management Division of the Office of Deming: "The current general Xinjiang cotton picking, the majority of farmers want to be picked first in accordance with the technical requirements to prevent the incoming three-wire to improve the market competitiveness of cotton; Second, the agricultural sector at all levels To increase the technical services, and take effective measures to accelerate the maturity of cotton. "
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