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Cotton “Bull” Market squeezes our country garment export-profit

Business News Agency October 4: whether domestic or foreign, cotton prices are in a “bull” market. It is a big headache for textile export enterprises in the production busy season like says: “Golden September and silver October,". As last trading day before Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhengzhou’s cotton futures, electronic matching storage recent contract price and the average transaction prices were up to 20,000 yuan / ton, which is the highest in the record. Chinese cotton price index turned up by the fall, to 19,228 yuan / tons; In the international market, the New York cotton futures and CotlookA index (ie, spot prices reflect the level of international cotton market indicators) have reached a new high from the past 15year, respectively, compared to August higher 9.6% and 25.8%. " The current global agricultural products is basically at a high record, so it is a normal phenomenon the cotton is at a high price. It is no doubt on the pattern of the bull market. The high price for cotton time has come. Qianjin Wang Said (The chief editior of Chinese Textile Newwork). Face to the cotton in the "crazy", Undoubtedly , it is unbearable for the the downstream textile industry. This year, a number of textile enterprises reflected the cotton yarn has become a scarce resource as the tight supply of cotton, even lace manufaturer cannot buy the yarns with money and now this situation still continues. Nanjing, a vice president of export enterprises Mr. Wang told reporters, with the higher prices of cotton, cotton yarn prices have almost change day by day, but sales are still booming, "now generally full cash for delivery, or even payment in advanced for delivery, this situation will continue until the end of the year. " Mr. Wang said that as raw material prices continued to rise, the cost becomes a pressure for lace factory and garment enterpriseds, "Spinners are constantly raise prices, but garment exports is quite difficult to raise prices, it is a far away on the cost rising compared with the garment price raised " Mr. Wang pointed out that this year, with soaring cotton prices, cotton yarn fabrics, factorory reaches almost the highest profit in history, " At least from the upper to middle transfer the cost smoothly", the terminal clothing is also on the price rising but it is very difficult for export. The profit is squeezed to be low. Into the "Golden September and silver October," the production season, the new domestic cotton has also been come into market, then whether can relax the lack of cotton condition? Domestic agencies analysis and forcast that the new quality and yield of cotton is not optimistic because of climate anomlies and other factors. It is difficult to overwhelm the bull market and it will continue to next year. For the international market, the British "Financial Times" reported that the rally in cotton prices has overed the crude oil, copper and other industrial commodities rally. Reported that the world's largest cotton producing countries and importing countries - Chinese cotton crop this year was threatened by the rain; the second-largest cotton-growing countries, India, the government imposed export ban enacted this year. so that traders continue to speculate the future policy trend; the world's fourth largest cotton growing country Pakistan, the yield is reduced most caused by flood disasters, thus exacerbating tensions in the global cotton supply. U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated world cotton consumption in the ratio of stocks and has dropped to its lowest level in 15 years. In view of this, the Chinese Cotton Association had issued a "double high" in the industry alerted the parties to the industry: High cotton prices would mean that high-risk, cotton prices rose too high too fast, which is not conducive to industrial stability and healthy development. Textile includes lace enterprises should pay close attention to domestic cotton production and textile situation changes, We should be calm and analytical, rational response, guard against operational risks, do not follow the trend of speculation

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