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Experts say the ctton will not continue to surge.

Business News Agency October 21 from 17,800 yuan / ton to 25,000 yuan / ton, from 9 to 10 months, just one month, cotton prices have soared 40%. Cotton prices soared in the same time, winter appears broad based, and some to the cotton textile mills as the main raw material, cotton lace and garment factories is the pressure increased sharply, some SMEs are forced to stop, and large enterprises in other opportunities. Experts said that, this time at greater risk of investing a large cotton profits, the future does not appear soaring cotton prices, but stable. Broad based anti-winter decline in sales of 10% "How are the prices?" Oct. 18, at the auspicious selling children's clothing market in the five love Ms. Wang was surprised to find when the stock market, almost all of the children's clothing, wholesale prices have gone up. Children's cotton underwear a year ago as long as 25 yuan, but now it was 28 yuan, and a folder printed cotton trousers children can buy 35 yuan last year, this year at least 38. This reporter learned that, in addition to five loves the market, booming community, New Mart and other shopping malls of the new winter also experienced varying degrees of prices. Prosperous family of a certain brand of women's sales staff told reporters that today their new home rose about 10% of general, basic and in previous years but sales flat. Shenyang General Chamber of Textiles Clothing Loujing Hong told the reporter, by the domestic and international cotton prices soaring, this year clothing prices in Shenyang broad based, 10% -20%. As in previous years, most clothing is not sensitive to price fluctuations, so prices this year is bound to affect the entire garment industry sales. "After all, food and other necessities like clothing, one with higher prices, can buy those people will abandon the purchase." Forced to stop small textile mill cotton prices According to the China Cotton Index chart shows that the recent month, a sharp rise in cotton prices, September 10, cotton prices are still 17,800 yuan / ton in the price of wandering, after the price soared, to 19 October, has soared to 25,000 yuan / ton, just a month or nearly 40%. Meanwhile, cotton lace cost also increase nearly 60%. "Cotton rose twice as fast, and no recourse but to stop quit." Shenyang Jin Yuan Sheng Textile Co. Ltd. General Manager Wang Zhousheng quite contradictory to tell reporters, as cotton prices, the cost has been close to the company can accept the highest point, do not make money if the product is not price, but once prices and facing product backlog, no one buying dilemma. "No way, can only stop the first observation of a period of time to say it." And Wang Zhousheng, same as soaring prices for cotton and cotton yarn and cut-off also many small and medium textile enterprises in Liaoning. Eastern Textile Co., Ltd. China Shenyang Sales Manager Wu told reporters that last year the cotton was 16,000 yuan per ton, and now the price has risen to 25,500 yuan per ton, up 60% or more. Large companies, "stiffness" and other opportunities No Towel, Shandong Gold Sales Manager Hao told reporters, cotton, the impact of skyrocketing for Towel is great, many small towel factory to close down, and the company responsible for the dealer is still "stiff." Three shots underwear Group Sales an official told reporters, cotton prices rose on the sale of three shots underwear has no significant impact, and the company will also absorb some of the internal costs, but does not rule out future adjustments accordingly price. China Cotton Network Marketing Zhang told reporters, cotton prices have now reached 25,000 yuan / ton, but even so it is zero inventory. "Now the market of cotton in short supply. The old cotton has long been sold out, and the new cotton has not yet produced. Of cotton prices, costs, and cotton will inevitably lead to a number of small and medium enterprises related to close." "Currently, the textile company in Shenyang to Huayue pretty good benefits, and the rest basically in the cut and semi-shutdown state. The soaring cotton and cotton yarn, so that some small and medium sized apparel companies are in trouble." Loujing Hong told reporters. Big profits at greater risk of investment in cotton The industry said, "One day a price of" hot money from various quarters of cotton prices has lead the largest cotton producing area in China - Xinjiang, and cotton became the major town of Aksu various business battleground. Lou Jinghong that for the current cause of soaring cotton prices, in part due to abnormal weather across the country this year, Xinjiang and the main origin of the Yangtze River and other cotton, cotton production, but another reason is the number of hot money in the following after the garlic and green beans look into the cotton market, resulting in higher cotton prices. "From now, the profits of cotton speculation is tempting, but the risk is also increasing." "Cotton will certainly not become the next 'garlic' and 'bean'." Consolidated the Department of China National Cotton Reserves Corporation, Miss Lee told reporters that China National Cotton Reserves Corporation has already been put to the market on the basis of 60 million tons cotton reserves , and put 40 million of emergency, so the future does not appear soaring cotton prices, but stable
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