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Textile Fair curtain went up shiny,Jinkeqiaosheng show creative idea

25-10-10 WASHINGTON Keqiao China International Textile Fair 2010 (Autumn) and the China Textile City Fashion Week will be opened today creative. The day before yesterday morning, the Municipal Committee, Party Secretary He added cis preparatory work related to the inspection requirements, must pay close attention and careful planning to ensure the Textile Fair and Fashion Week do have grand ideas, effective, safe, orderly and successful. County leaders Sun Yunyao, He Weishi, Sun Jun, Zhu Jian-Ming, Zhou Shusen attended the inspection. He added his party spot checks along the China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Furama Hotel, on the scale of this exhibition, venue construction, guest reception, logistics and Convention Center made a detailed understanding of business, etc.. He pointed out that the Textile Fair is the county's a "gold card", to enhance our county's textile industry, to strengthen foreign relations of great significance. Textile Fair, whether the current size, grade, or outward, brand influence, than in previous years has further improved the whole county according to the "grand, effective, safe, and orderly," the general requirements, great attention and careful planning, plan carefully, go all out all the preparatory work to ensure success. The current standard booths Textile Expo 1289, a total of 507 exhibitors, including 37 international exhibitors. 17 supporting activities and business reception, security fire protection, health and epidemic prevention, logistics, media campaigns and other work has been fully implemented.
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