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the textile industry, "triple-gate":Raw materials soaring, currency, exchange reform

The textile industry, "triple-gate":Raw materials soaring, currency, exchange reform Business News Agency October 21 textile industry in general is not investment in fixed assets, debt is low, supposedly, the 0.25 percentage point interest rate increase on the non-capital-intensive industries is little impact. However, a number of textile and garment enterprises yesterday, "Business News" interview, said Shique be affected, being raw materials, labor and other costs overwhelmed the circumstances, raising interest rates is undoubtedly worse. Hui Textile Co., Ltd. Ningbo days Poisson, general manager would like to interview with this newspaper yesterday, said although not many business loans, but interest rates will still increase costs, so that is about to start on October 31 the 108th Canton Fair Textile garment export order execution more difficult. Soaring raw material prices and exchange rate fluctuations, order by the current price of more and more difficult to bear, the company will be ready to raise prices across the board in this session of the Canton Fair, the program has basically done, now all of a sudden interest rate increase, how integrated this factor to fully price needs to be carefully considered. "This year due to rising costs of raw materials, etc., we have frequent price adjustment, customers have complained, if the price continues to rise, will orders to Bangladesh, India or Vietnam, not necessarily Chinese factories can not. Our price more competitive weak, there is a risk of price increases. "Poisson would like to say. This year, Chinese textile and garment enterprises mixed, one side is the growth of domestic and foreign markets go hand in hand, on the other side is fast and raw materials prices like cotton, cotton yarn, the majority of enterprises in the case of orders increased profits turned down. As one of the main raw material for garment and textile industry, cotton prices soaring, the Chinese cotton price index, September is another round of rising cotton prices peak. September 1, cotton was 18,002 yuan / ton, September 30 the price to rise to 22,684 yuan / ton, up nearly 5,000 yuan; in just five days after National Day, the cotton price has gone up 13% ; As of October 19, cotton prices have reached 24,526 yuan / ton. Polyester garment fabrics and accessories, chemical fiber, polyester fiber, rayon, wool and other prices rise to varying degrees, of which prices of viscose staple fiber in a few days break 22,000 yuan / ton historic highs. Lotte children about responsible Wang Yisheng, rising raw material prices the past few months to more than 30%, but price increases to customers is only about 10%, most of them are on their own digestion, at present, whether domestic or foreign markets, are difficult to price increases to customers, jeans and other products almost no profit at all. No doubt further push up interest rates operating costs, eating out of textiles and clothing the poor profits last point. The impact of interest rates is clearly not all. Fashion Ghoul, general manager of Shenzhen, said Xu Yuping, of two levels: one is to raise interest rates lead to increased costs, and further lead to falling profits, especially for a good contract has been signed the order a great influence on labor costs significantly this year, the Pearl River Delta rose 20% to 30%, soaring raw material prices and all the way, profits are dropping as textile and apparel industry, and raise interest rates continue to cut away the meager profits of enterprises; the other hand, mortgage interest rates will increase domestic pressure on consumers as a result for Housing pressures may cut spending on clothing, etc., which may drag on the growth of the domestic apparel market.
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