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General rise in cost of raw materials into the clothing industry is facing three Autumn

Business News Agency October 20 19, the reporter was informed by the domestic cotton, wool and other fabrics impact of price rises this year, production costs fall and winter clothing more than 30% broad based, coupled with the climate, the market declined significantly Autumn , Fuzhou local garment enterprises in the second half of this year the pressure a bit big.
3 into the fabric costs
According to reports, the domestic cotton production cuts, international cotton prices and driven by hot money speculation, since October last year, cotton prices all the way up, as of October 18, representing the level of the domestic cotton price index of cotton prices B (328 ) to 24,256 yuan / ton, up 8.38% over the same period last year, to refresh the highest in 10 years.
19, Seoul Men Heren Jiang Bin, chairman of Union, said the price of cotton rose by impact of the current cotton, wool and other fabrics prices, and early June this year, compared to those fabric prices rose about 30%.
Duo Chen Zhanlong Pa executive director, said clothing, cotton prices rose by a drag and now includes a variety of fabrics, including cotton prices have risen, production costs rise at least 30%.
Fujian, the person in charge of Financial and Commercial Group, said, cotton prices rose the most recent period, to the production and operation is not a small pressure.
Autumn winter limited impact on the price rose 2 percent
Number of garment enterprises in Fuzhou, the official said, prices of raw materials affected by this year, up 20% of the total ex-factory price winter, spring next year prices will follow up. A large number of previously listed as Autumn, Autumn price rises so much, the most affected is the winter, according to the present situation, the winter will be price increases is an indisputable fact.
19, the reporter visited Fuzhou major shopping malls, supermarkets, many apparel businesses admitted that many of the clothing prices are up. Special clothing in a large supermarket, a clothing sales staff told reporters, with the last year than this year, the overall price of the clothes they sell up 30%. Baolong Square in a few clothing stores, a number of sales staff also told reporters that actually have some clothing prices rose because of styles, fabrics and so different, hard to say specifically how much inflation.
But there are also clothing stores, said sales, compared with previous years, the store's price of almost autumn, and even with some promotional activities, and some models than in previous years the price even lower.
In response, agents that brand clothing, in fact, even if the clothing retail prices, the annual clothing styles, fabrics, fashion trends are different, there is no comparable clothing prices.
"Compared with the price increases of raw materials, apparel prices rose about 10% lower, about rose 20%, 10% of the cost increases only by internal self-digestion clothing, garment manufacturers that give us a lot of pressure. "Fuzhou official said a number of garment enterprises.
Autumn sales shrink
Not only that, affected by the weather, many garment enterprises in Fuzhou Autumn sales also appear to varying degrees atrophy. "As in previous years in October, autumn is the peak sales to northern markets, but the northern autumn of this year is very short, all of a sudden into the winter, autumn sales so greatly affected. And in the South, including Fujian, Guangdong and other provinces, including the current temperature is also higher, with the backlog of autumn clothing enterprises north poured into the South market, Autumn sales are limited, compared to last year, this year's autumn sales decline by 30% at least. "duo Pa clothing Chenzhan Long said.
In this regard, the person concerned Fuzhou Garment Association said they are closely watching the raw material price increases to the impact of garment enterprises. In fact, the last two years, as labor, raw materials prices rose one after another, clothing production costs rising, but under a variety of factors, not increase the retail price of clothing, so upstream costs soared, ex-factory price rises can not be synchronized phenomenon
Fuzhou has been plagued by clothing companies.

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