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Embroidery materials and tools

Animal fiber fabrics include silk, satin, georgette, wool, flannel, wool then other materials. More generally used to make high-grade silk satin pajamas, wedding veil and other bedding, pure silk embroidery ...... C) Chemical Fiber Cloth Because of its low melting, chemical fiber cloth, cotton wool like material as high temperature, so it is not the best tp us cotton fiber cloth, silk to embroidery. More suitable for chemical fiber cloth embroidery or ribbon embroidery, beaded, sequined embroidery and so on. Second, the colored embroidery threads Threads species are also same as the types of cloth, like a thin cotton thread, thick cotton thread, twine, jute, silk yarn, machine embroidery thread, yarn, metallic yarn, chemical fiber lines. Cotton thread is the main thread in the embroidery industries, is also the most used widely. (A) fine cotton Spiraea Cotton embroidery thread is tristed by the single yarn, about 40 colors and each color from light to deep about 6 to 9 Levels. It can be folded to use in a relatively rough thin cotton cloth on the bottom should be noted that with the joint stock embroidery embroidery, or embroidered patterns easy to foam and the exposed end of cloth, not smooth. (B) coarse cotton Spiraea Spiraea coarse cotton yarn from the three twisted into partnership, less color, and color levels of each color also 3 to 5, the general use of sub-shares, which is two folded up to use. For the end of the hemp cloth, velvet cloth embroidered bottom. (C) twine Twine embroidery thread, mostly imported, from 6 strands. Line itself is glossy, color is also very elegant, each color contains ash components, such as the gray-green, ash, gray-blue and so on. Folded line most suitable for import is satisfied that yarn paintings, needlepoint paintings. (D) machine embroidery threads Suggests that it is in the sewing machine embroidery thread used on line, texture, tenacity very, very strong, not easily broken stocks, in the sewing machine to use with good results. This line is not suitable for hand-embroidery, because it contains talc and plasma components, hand-embroidered easily killed Results, embroidery thread and cloth affinity difference, embroidery Spiraea difficult to settle. (E) silk cord Silk line is a unique Spiraea southern China, just as we brush and ink, as only the Chinese have. Line suitable for silk satin, silk and embroidered cloth soft bottom can also be done in the glass-sided embroidery yarn. Animal embroidered with silk, its unique luster The fur of the animals with excellent results. (F) wool Generally suitable for wool embroidery yarn is satisfied, there are hair line, the thick, coarse twine, cordage, twines of the points. Note that in the thick rough cloth should be used on the embroidery twisting or twine. (G) metallic yarn Generally suitable for metallic yarn embroidery in Gold, diamond embroidery. The texture of the gold and silver more brittle, therefore not suitable for more complex stitch embroidery. (H) Ribbon Ribbon weaving is a very fine machine color tape. Quality suitable for coarse thick cloth on the end use, can be mixed and coarse embroidery threads and use, the effects were very good. If matched with beaded embroidery, sequins embroidery, screen effect will be more colorful. This article reprinted from the female Red Net www.800gk.cn leave Third, the needle And lines, like the choice of needle can not be ignored. Needle selection should pay special attention when the two needles, the "needle nose" and "needle." Needle nose should be elliptical, so that the needle nose does not bite line. If the needle tip of the nose was rectangular or circular lines are easy to bite, that is easy to The line cut. The finer the tip the better. Satisfied that the yarn embroidery needle should be short and blunt, needle nose should be large. Because satisfied to use twine or coarse yarn, twine, yarn. Small needle nose, threading is very laborious. Should also master the stitches, and the relations between the base fabric. 560 words ......( omitted the following detailed graphic information, see "" CD-ROM). Fourth, scissors Embroidery scissors are also classified. If the scissors cutting thread, sharp scissors to be raised at such a scissors cut when the needle tip to avoid cutting into the embroidery on the pick. The eagle embroidery and spinning to the scissors, fine tip scissors should be sharp tip, the best selection of steel mouth good scissors, because scissors can be used repeatedly, the more wear and more sharp. This is a simple cut line scissors, sharp and easy to use steel mouth. E, flower embroidery frame Flower embroidery frame shape divided from the square and round. Divided from the material on the wood, bamboo and plastic three. Flowers generally circular hoop with two kinds of bamboo and plastic, divided into large, medium and small. Large diameter 30 cm, 20 cm in diameter and number, small diameter of 12 cm. Now the market ......( 360 words omitted the following detailed graphic information, see "" CD-ROM) embroidery hoop on the first round should be noted that according to the size of patterns to choose flower embroidery frame, if the pattern is too large, it should be divided into several parts to do. The general area of the flower pattern embroidery frame size of 1 / 2 Strong then, we should tighten the hoop, on the flat, so flat embroidered flowers can not go type. Flower embroidery frame on the graphics in the following steps should pay attention to Proceed as follows: The first step, the outer ring loose screws, the flat in the ring hoop to hoop fabric tile on the inside circle, and then overlap in the outer hoop hoop on the inside circle The second step, the cloth folds tighten the screws after the pumping level The third step, then step a little pumping can not fold flat, and pay attention to the warp and weft fabric are into vertical and horizontal, Gyrosigma not inclined, in the end screw The fourth step, and then check whether the flower hoop tight enough. Check with the line of approach is to put a needle through from the fabric surface, remove the line the sound of cloth sent bang bang, it's only appropriate. Top-type embroidery hoop embroidery hoop and round the requirements are the same, the top-type embroidery hoop embroidery is generally larger than the embroidery. So you can adjust the tightness of the line to ensure that the warp and weft fabric are into vertical and horizontal, not inclined Gyrosigma. Particular attention to the local cable to consider the strength of cloth, to prevent off-line and damage the integrity of cloth. Female Red Net starting 800gk.cn Sixth, embroidery frame To facilitate the embroidered embroidery on different occasions and locations, and different specifications of embroidery frame, embroidery frame that is very easy to use and assemble, but also can adjust the embroidery pattern embroidery size of the shed.
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