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The first descendant of Xiaoshan Lace – Shuizhen Dai.

The first descendant of Xiaoshan Lace – Shuizhen Dai. Tthe ancient town Qiantang. Kanshan is the birthplace of Xiaoshan Lace with a long historical heritage and rich cultural heritage. Xiaoshan Jia Yi Embroidery factory loacated Kanshan street is the only company of Lace transceiver station. I walked into an ancient door, the house has three brown wooden tables, walls hung with pieces of lace table frame, concrete floor, and all the houses under the street is no different. But this small house is pregnant with a big dream - a unique Xiaoshan embroidered lace,make lace culture and traditional skills to the Millennium heritage in famous A wowan Shuizhen Dai was born in the tow Xiaoshan. When we visited the old two, a middle-aged woman was sitting in a chair. She was wearing a water master of folk cross-stitch carft. She was doing the final preparations for the completion of rare works: aristocratic family" and "elegance Song" Xiaoshan Lace, also called "Wanlv silk", is the use of thousands of needle million lines start step by step, hand-made unique skills, in addition to manual dexterity, but cautious, eyes clear, there must be accumulated learning and trial and error. As with the cultural characteristics of this traditional production, but that outsiders can not imitate. Lace station, wearing water proudly Jane's husband Zhouji Jiang said: "Counterfeiting is because no one lace technical content is too high to go through management, fight, inserts, hanging and other procedures, process many kinds of needles, acupuncture used alone there are real needle, of the three needles, mesh, snakeskin pin, five needles, four needles, needles, etc. around the ten over thirty, there are other fennel next step, next step scale, Sancha next step more than 100 kinds of small needle species. cross-stitch is not one or two years in school will, generally embroidered edges are from the six-year-old began to learn, beginning with the mother and other elders are pointing skills, want to learn a piece of lace can be independently at least four to five years, we have many original Moreover, acupuncture, and outsiders like to imitation learning, hard! " Zhouji Jiang also took out the machine embroidery and embroidery lace as the control: "the essence of Xiaoshan Lace is a three-dimensional, machine embroidery on a flat, not between the primary and secondary pattern and the pattern of points, and fine hand knitting lace, has a strong layering. " Lace craft, successors Xiaoshan lace based on the local, but also to the world. Early last year, after experts visit Zhejiang Province, has selected Jane to wear embroidery lace water crafts as the sole representative of Xiaoshan, selected performances Expo project. Thus, in this June 18 to June 22 of the Expo Zhejiang Week, Jane performed the water wearing her lace embroidery skills, but also shows the three out of print embroidered lace treasures. One of the items as a non-left, wearing water to rural areas also show the works of Jane, and made tourism products, such as arts and crafts umbrella, frame, etc. throughout the country, exquisite workmanship, environmental aesthetics, this small station will also be Xiaoshan lace lace reputation spread far and wide . "Lace station is now only 1,000 people in the embroidery, are basically over the age of 60, the oldest 90 years old, are a group of skilled craft makers, young people also focus on training." Dai Master said. Speaking of disciples, wearing water, said Jane, now she had only an apprentice, that is, according to her niece, Feng Su, 12 years old in February last year, thanks to the teachers, teacher wearing it every Sunday to learn the past. The little girl looked like embroidery, savvy high, learn quickly, a coaching to understand, will now have real needle, of the three needles, mesh
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